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Women's Empowerment Necklace Symbolizing Breaking Shattering The Glass Ceiling .925 Silver & Broken Glass Women Jewelry Gifts Keepsakes Shatter

$ 64.99

Glass Ceiling Necklace for the Woman who faces the invisible barrier that Women can experience when attempting to rise to achieve the highest level during the pursuit of advancement dominated by men.

The more this barrier is broken doesn't mean that it's gone. One barrier broken can reveal 100 more previously unseen.

#ladyastronauts History Made 10/18/19 Way to Go!! 

What's your Glass Ceiling ? Please let me know!!

This necklace celebrates the tenacity that women and minorities have when facing inequality. 

Sterling Silver Necklace shows shattered glass (appears like broken glass) that has fallen. 

We strive to start a conversation and educate women about the importance of achievements based upon talent not gender.

This comes beautifully boxed or a fabric Jewelry Bag. 

Some new selections coming soon. You can view the images now. 

 Style #2 Rose Gold Round Glass Window with broken glass inside. This style allows the glass inside to move.

Style #3 Yellow Gold Circle with glass inside, also has movement. 

International Orders are welcome shipping fee $25.00 to most destinations. Also note that International Orders are fimal sale.

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