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Sunflower Maternity Dress Pregnancy Dresses Women's Sunflower's Clothing Women Baby Bump Clothes for the Expecting Family Clothing

$ 44.99

Women's Sunflower Maternity Dress Pregnant Dresses Short Sleeves Wraps Above Bump Hits Mid to Lower Thigh. So perfect for Spring Summer Fall. Great for the office, date night or a walk through the neighborhood and just about anywhere. A wonderful dress for Family Matching Photos.

Sizes; Small, Med, Large and XL, XXL.

When I started my business I began with Maternity Photo Shoot Dresses when that trend was brand new, so new I had to explain the concept. Now I find myself again wanting to provide great Maternity Dresses and Clothing for expecting families. I want to provide great fashion, great price, comfort and versatility. I think I got it right no explanation needed. 

Shipping from the USA only $5.00.

Poly Jersey Blend Sunflower Pattern Fabric

Please allow10 days for delivery. I want to offer dresses you'll be excited to wear and to feel your best while you're in your most beautiful time.

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