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Special Forever Gifts Custom Laser Engraved Your Actual Fingerprint Titanium Pendant Necklace Key Fob

$ 25.00

This is such a touching gift, figuratively and literally.  The fingerprint is laser engraved onto the titanium pendant disk. Simple steps are needed to accomplish this.  Lightly ink the finger you wish to use, on a piece of white paper start at one side of finger and roll the finger the opposite direction.  Give it several tries until you have a nice clean image.  You will next take a photo of the print and upload it to me.  This is a gift that is very popular with mom and grandma's.

Silver or Gold Plated. Titanium.

If you prefer a photo you will upload that to me.

If you would like more than one, please let me know so that I can get you the multi-item discount.

$15.00 for the second pendant, $12.75 for each additional.

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