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Baby Koala Sleep Among Tree Branches That Create Heart / U Pick Custom Colors Wall Mural Boy or Girl Zoo Animals Koala Bears Nursery Children Kid Room Play Area

$ 89.00 $ 159.00

Oh so Sweet!  Adorable sleeping baby Koala Bears nestled in the branches of a White Tree that bends to the shape of a heart.  Leaves, in your color choice, fall softly to the ground.

200 cm or 70" height

160 cm or 73" width

Please indicate the color you would like for the Koala and a color for Leaves.  This gives you a high end look of the combination of 4 colours.  1. Wall Color  2.  Koala Color   3. White Tree Color  4. Leaf Color.  For your mural you only need to indicate the koala and leaf colors.

1. Choose color from chart in Images section.  2.  Choose color of Koala  3. Add this information in the message section or email to me your selections.  Thanks so much.  This is a product that should last for about 6 to 7 years.  It can be removed anytime prior to they.  The are easy to remove, but are not reusable.

Consider using all or some of the mural to add clever accents to furniture or other accessories.  Do not use inside crib.

If you have any questions please ask us, we love to help.

Delivery to you takes about 14 business days.


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