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Pregancy Announcement NEW Grandma Grandpa Coming Gift Prop Gotta Let Them Know Onesie Baby Boy Girl Grandparents to Be

$ 12.99 $ 24.99

Find fun and creative ways to share the BEST news ever. NEW GRANDMA & GRANDPA Coming 2017 Onesie Photo Prop.

Ideas: Put Mommy to be on one side and the future Daddy on the other side, take a photo, print photo best as 5x7 or so, add nice frame, package all including onesie and ship off to the future Grandparents.

Now available in another style, Merry Christmas Future Grandparents select Red if you would like this style.

Select Gold for Hello Grandma & Grandpa Coming 2017. 

For you and the future Daddy to be it has obviously been, well, unbelivable and if you are reading this chances are your feet have yet to touch the ground phase!! You are likely at the who do we tell first and how delima.. Don't pick up the phone just yet...... I know it's hard to wait. For the GRAND parent, this news is so incredible, amazing, over the moon incredible.  I have put some thought into this for the Grandma it's like hearing your going to have a baby, sorta, it's more like your hearing your going to have a baby and you don't have to watch your weight, no swollen ankles, no midnight feedings and you can give them back after properly spoiling, sugaring and breaking every rule of ratioal parenting.  For grandma and grandpa this is Nirvana!  So, get creative, and give Grandma a story to tell their new grand child, over and over and over again.

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