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Polished Real Ammonite Fossil Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant Men's Hand Made Jewelry Gifts for Him Necklace Unisex

$ 40.50

A gift from the past a gorgeous Necklace. Fossilized Ammonite. Artisan made speciman wrapped in Copper spirals on leather necklace 19".

Cross Section of an Ammonite which is an extinct predatory Mollusk related to the squid.

Genuine Petrified Ammonite expertly crafted designed for jewelry or display.

Preferred by Men or Women.

Highest quality for gift giving. Photo is actual speciman you will receive.

Ammonite lived from the Jurassic to Cretatious Eras. Their name comes from ancient Egypt from the God Rammon who wore the curled horns of the Ram on top of his head.  

Gift Boxed  

Made in and ships from the USA. 

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