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Pastel Wood Easter Egg Blocks Toys Handmade Geometric Shape Building Blocks Easter Basket Toy Baby Shower Gift Ideas Toddler Kids Adults Jenga Style Fun Family Game

$ 24.99 $ 37.99

Dare To Be Different Be Your Own Kind Of Egg Pastel Geometric Stacking Wood Egg Shape Blocks Pastel Colors Pink Blue Yellow Lavender or Bright Primary Colors. Nautical Navy Blue White Red. Several Size Sets Available.

Kids are naturally drawn to Building Blocks and they have loved them, like forever. Teach Creativity and Self Expression. Create the opportunity to teach a life lesson by promoting uniqueness and acceptance.

Made with Natural Wood. Non-Toxic EPA Safe Paints. Lightweight. No rough edges, manually polished. 

3.7 to 5.4cm Average Size Sizes Vary. Average Weight 29.5g

16 piece set. Nautical Blue Set Pastel Set Primary Colors

9 piece set. Pastels, Primary

Ships from the USA.

Shipping Fee Single Item is $5.00. Multi Item Orders Ship Free.

Colors and sizes vary, randomly selected.

Ships in Gift Bag. Domestic Orders Can Expect Delivery in 5-7 days. 

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