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Mommy to Be Maternity Photo Prop Maxi Dress Full Front Purple Plum Pregnancy Portrait Women's Dresses Clothes

$ 69.99

This dress makes a very dramatic photo regardless of the time of year, indoor, outdoor, creates a gorgeous photo every time. 

This dress differs from our other Maternity Photo Gowns as it is not split down the front. This makes it more versatile than are other dresses, as you would be more likely to wear it more than once. If you have your heart set on a bare belly portrait, we recommend that you select one of our split front gowns.  

You are beautiful, probably more so that any other time of your life, when they say pregnant women glow, it's true.

This dress comes in size Large, or XL. Made from a jersey cotton blend that is breathable and super comfy.

I am a USA seller, and I ship from the USA. International buyers are welcome.

You may order even if stock states zero.  This will keep you in order as they are restocked. This item restocks in about 7 - 10 days.


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