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Mom to Be Baby Bump Pregnancy Portrait Dress / Maternity Photo Prop Gown One Size Elegant Black Baby Shower Gift Expecting Moms

$ 59.99

A beautiful gown made for this most precious time in your life.  Whether you love to share these photos with family and friends or perhaps you like to share them more intimately with you and the Daddy, it is one of the best things to happen to pregnancy in a very long time.  What I would have given to have these photo-ops back in my day.......  It is one of the best decisions you can make near the end of this incredible journey.

With any newer trend, and with the miracles of social media, the need for a new product is born (pun intended).  This dress is made just for this occasion.  I can just imagine being able to share these photo's with my little girl, especially when she is all grown up and is expecting her own baby. The top is made to be worn low or off the shoulders.  The bottom half of the gown is a very flowing and translucent.  It is split in the front.  It allows for several different looks without several clothing changes.  I recommend a tube top up top and a matching color boy brief style under pant, most wear nothing, the bump naturally hides the most private area.

Dress is one size maternity large/xlarge, and it works surprisingly well.

This is a new color choice, I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I LOVE it.  Elegant Black. Other colors are ava. in a separate listing.

At this time this item is made to order, please allow 7 - 10 days before shipping.

Just a very short time ago, it was difficult to find a photographer that could share in your vision, that is rapidly becoming not the case.  Chances are that their is one available right within your social media groups.  These photos were taken indoor with standard studio backdrops.  Outdoor photos are trending upwards and they are just lovely as well.

Please contact me with any questions or ideas.  

Photo Prop Items are not refundable.

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