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Mom to Be Baby Bump Pregnancy Portrait Dress / Maternity Photo Prop Closed Front Aqua Blue Baby Shower Gift

$ 71.99

A stunning new color Aqua Blue, this dress does not have the split front, the same off shoulder option.  Sleeves easily can be worn full length or pushed upwards for a shorter sleeve.

A beautiful gown made for this most precious time in your life.  Whether you love the share these photos with family and friends or perhaps you like to share them more intimately with you and the Daddy, it is one of the best thing to happen to pregnancy in a very long time.  What I would have given to have these photo-ops back in my day.......  It is one of the best decisions you can make near the end of this incredible journey.

Just a very short time ago, it was difficult to find a photographer that could share in your vision, that is rapidly becoming not the case.  Chances are that their is one available right within your social media groups.  These photos were taken indoor with standard studio backdrops.  Outdoor photos are trending upwards and they are just lovely as well.

Available in standard sizes med, large, xl.  This dress is appropriate for any day wear, as our split front gowns that are a prop, and would not likely be worn casually.

Please contact me with any questions or ideas.This item is non-refundable or exchangeable.  We would never send you a dress that had been returned, and we feel strongly about protecting pregnant women. Plan in advance is our best advice.

We fill ALL orders for gowns in the order received.  Thanks. 

Please allow two weeks for delivery, in many cases your dress will arrive sooner.  As the options for these great photo prop dresses increase, it is impossible to have them all in stock.  If you have a need by date that is sooner than 2 - 3 weeks I would recommend that you contact us and let us know.  We don't like something as important as this to be a close call.

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