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Mermaid Party Giant Clam Shell Lounging Float & Pearl Fun Pool Accessories Props Ships from USA Inflatables Seating Kids Children's Adults Adult

$ 119.99 $ 169.99

Mermaid Party Clam Shell Pool Lounge and Photo Prop. Don't even think about having your next Mermaid Party without this Gigantic Pool Float!

There is one thing every party needs and providing Photo Props usually does just that. Mermaid Party, Flamingo Party, Tropical Party, Pirate Ship Party, Sponge Bob, and more. Get your land lovers shots first then toss it in the pool, that is if you have one.

The holographic edge is new, that is the one we have for you.  This fits 2 adults on land or water. 

This as fun to the adults as it is for the kids.  

If you would like some more tips on creative ways my customers have found to use this awesome Gigantic clam.  Send me an email.

Set up your party with helium balloons with other Sea Creatures, add some play sand on top of a paint tarp for easy clean up (the clear kind does not hold up to play or foot traffic, I don't recommend those).


Ships from the USA, allow about 7 days for delivery.

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