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How We Wonder What You Are ?? Gender Reveal Cake Topper Boy Girl Party Supplies Laser Cut Gold Glitter

$ 18.00 $ 29.99

Our new little star, How We Wonder What You Are ?? Ask your friends and family to attend a totally fun and uber trendy Gender Reveal Party.  Lots of pink and blue décor add some really clever games with the day capped off with It's a Boy or It's a Girl big reveal.

This trend has morphed over the last 8 to 10 years into a really Socially Creative Must.  Go ahead and out-create your Social Media followers after all, this is really a bid deal!  I have seen some absolutely genius ideas.  If you would like some just drop me a line, I don't generally post them, keeping them really special.   It is turning out to be a really fun time, unlike it's rival the Baby Shower that has gone a bit stale, but the reveal is not replacing that ritual.  Some may say it's all a bit much, but I think it's great!!  Pregnancy and Child Birth is such a miracle ... so go all out.

Back to the product at hand the cake topper, this is the large version. Perfect for a large Sheet Cake or a tiered cake as shown. 14"

Delivery in about 3 to 4 days.

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