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Hello Sugar Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate Mug Plus Lipstick Kiss Trinket Dish Gift Set Glamour Girl's Life Girly Girl

$ 24.99

Hold on! Don't grab that gift card without adding a personal touch.  This adorable Mug and Trinket Tray or Spoon Rest comes in at under $24.99. Go ahead and get the gift card just drop it the mug, or on the trinket dish, and she will think of you long after her Starbuck's is gone.

Wide mouth Coffee Mug. White Ceramic. Pink Lipstick and Gold Lettering.

This set includes both pieces, one price, no sticker shock individual pricing. 

Home accessory Lipstick Trinket Dish or Spoon Rest. White ceramic finish and sealed with a Pink kiss.  Lipstick makes everything better, adds just the right touch of gold, that embraces her glamour girl look.

5" x 6 1/4", 1/2" depth.

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