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Minature Figurines Animal Species Accurate Badger Beavers Wolverine Anteaters Aardvark Tasmanian Devil Terrarium Decoration School Science

$ 28.00

Hard to find Animal Species high quality product miniature animals. Most of the animals we sell are the uncommon. They are remarkably beautiful and attention to detail is high.

This lot or group includes Beavers, Anteater, Aardvark, Badger, Wolverine, Tanzanian Devil.

These are great for hobbyists, collectors, cake bakers, yes bakers, they have a demand for their specialty cakes, gift shops and zoos.

Collecting is addictive, we love finding collectors their highly sought species. I have some awesome suppliers feel free to email me with your wish list and I am happy to help if I can. 

Ship from the USA.  

Shipping is only $5.00.

For miniature terrariums, gardens, school projects, diagrams and so much more.

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