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SALE Girls Dresses L.O.L. Surprise Doll Party Dress Girl's 3 Styles Toddler Little Girls Costumes Kids Confetti Ballerina Girl LOL Birthday Party

$ 18.99

LOL Dolls Surprise Toddler & Little Girls Dress Up and/or Halloween Costumes for 2019. Confetti, Queen Bee, Neon Cutie, Princess.

Neon Cutie.  Ballerina Girl,  Purple Hearts, Bee, Confetti Queen.

Delivery Time depends on available stock. In stock sizes ship within 3 days.

I can personally attest to the popularity of these adorable little dolls, my Granddaughters LOVE them.  I think this may be a fave this Halloween as well as Birthday Parties and anytime for imaginative dress up play.

Shipping from USA.

L.O.L    lol    l.o.l.

Thanks so much.

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