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Miniature Fish in Bag Doll House Pet Shop DIY Accessories Brand NEW Design Tropical Saltwater Miniature Dollhouse Elf on Shelf Pets

$ 11.99

New Mini Saltwater Fish in Crystal Clear Bag for Doll House Aquarium Scene also Popular for Jewelry Making, Crafts & DIY Accessories, Diarama Supplies.

This is great to accompany the Our Generation Doll Pet Store. *we have no affiliation with the brand, just a super cute idea from one of my customers.

Itty-bitty Salt Water Fish in tied bag. Brand New Fishies, realistic features. Angel Fish, Blue Tang, 

Acrylic material.

With or without hook.

Highest Quality for any of your Under the Sea ideas. I'd love to hear your ideas! For new items follow me on Pinterest.

Shipping Fee is a one time charge $5.00. Covers your entire order. Future orders from here are no charge.

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