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Dinosaur 3D Bedding Dino Duvet Twin Cover Pillow Case T Rex Head Jaws 1 x Fitted Sheet Twin Realistic Digital Image

$ 99.99

Giant Dinosaur T Rex Bedding Set Twin some serious realism here! If your boy is all about Jurassic sized dreams this set is for you. The T Rex body is a 3D image and the pillow is the Dinosaur Head with jaws wide open and full of giant size teeth. Yikes! 

When you tuck in your boy it looks like he is the T Rex! He won't need to worry about Monsters under his bed.

We are big believers is supporting children's dreams, if he dreams of hunting fossils, putting them together, and learning about how they may have lived studies show that those who achieve these goals all agree on one thing and that is it has been a life long passion for them.

We live in a world where now the youth can truly become what ever they want to be and that is so exciting.


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