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Crystal Game Boy Brooch Very High Quality Gameboy Video Game Pin PLAY Jewelry Accessory Women's Men Gamer Tech Geek Gift Idea Portable Gaming Sensation

$ 69.99

Unique Crystal Game Boy Brooch Video this is such an interesting piece, very high end Crystals and silk embroidery on a brooch, pin or patch. It gets so many compliments and questions. It is so fun! 

So many of the biggest Jewelers are featuring pieces that are just for fun, and pieces to remind us of how far we have come.

Perfect for your label!

Game Boy was so important in our Digital and Gaming History, seeing this devise was the first portable Video Game Devise. When you think about it there really was no before Game Boy.  This was the first huge explosion in digital technology, and explode it did.

Ships from USA, in about 5 days.

Made in Germany.

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