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Children's Drawings Come to Life a Personalized Necklace Children's Art Mommy Daddy Grandma Grandpa Priceless Christmas Gifts

$ 74.50

Bring your children's art work alive with a Custom Pendant made from their handiwork. Can you image the joy on their face when you open this gift and they recognize their one of a kind design.

A real 2 Kleenex Gift, tears guaranteed to flow!

I'm having a hard time topping this unique gift that is perfect for every Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandma or anyone who loves your children. 

Easy to order. 1. Choose a drawing from your boy or girl.

2. Scan the image. 

3. Email the image to me. 

Gift Box or High Quality Gift Bag is included.

Please allow about 15 - 20 days for production and delivery. 

Ships from the USA. 

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