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Charming Cast Iron Wall Decor Angel Wings Wall Hooks / Nursery / Coat Hanger / Rustic French Country Shabby Home Decor Accessories/Living Room Baby Rooms Bath Coat Rack

$ 15.75

Romantic and elegant these cast iron Angel Wings can enhance your home in several ways.  They act as a wall hook, their intended use, but that never stopped any of us diy'ers and whimsical thinkers.  Personally I love anything with angel wings!  

Multi item shipping discount.

A beautiful way to enhance just about any home decor style.  

I took one pair, and paired them with a photo of a family members who has already got their set of wings.  I took a ribbon and attached it to the back of a frame, hung the ribbon over the wings so your photo frame hangs from the wings.  In 10 minutes you have a beautiful remembrance of a departed loved one.

You can hang them in a cluster of several.  One for each of your earth angels, not to leave out those with fur.

Come up with your own DIY and let me know, I love your ideas.


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