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Butterfly Fairy Tutu Garden Party Dress Birthday Girl Dresses Faerie Pixie Costumes Mythology

$ 69.99

Enchanting Fairy Girls Tutu Gown / Dress Create a Magical Birthday Party with Faeries Pixies and Sprites a Fairytale Come True Full Length Gowns in Whimsical Colors of Tulle Sparkling Wings and Flowers in Bloom. Crochet Top is attached. Ribbons Criss Cross in Back. Two Color Pallets to Choose.

Available sizes 2T, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10.

Butterfly Wing Shoes pictured here sold separately. She will believe that she can FLY! I know we all want our girls to believe they can do anything. 

Aqua or Hot Pink.

Ships from the USA.

Please allow 30 days for production and delivery.

Shipping Fee is $5.00.

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