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$ 44.25

Boobs Necklaces a Cute, Light Hearted Pendant for Breast Cancer Survivors, Breast Cancer Warriors and those who love them. Women it is time to be empowered. Not a booby trap it is a reminder of just how special we are. Your sure to get some looks and maybe a person or too, might ask, well, why are there boobs on your necklace. That's the que to share your story, your womanly-ness message. You will have their attention! 

All Breasts are Perfect! They are uniquely yours wear them proudly.

A great gift for Women, All Women, Mothers Day, Moms Daughters Patients, Survivors, Any Woman, Any Reason, Researchers, MD's, Nurses or anyone who is part of the incredible team that fights with you and for you every step of the way. 

13mm Round Pendant Necklace available in Gold, Rose Gold. 

Choose from a selection of Boobs.

Ships from the USA. Shipping fee for single item orders is $5.00 and is added during checkout. Multi Item orders ship free. 

Comes with a beautiful pink floral fabric gift bag.

Inspirational Word Charms Coming Soon.InspiratIonal Word Charms; love, heal, warrior, fight, survivor or create your own if you don't mind a short wait. Select 2 word charms and add them to the box labeled notes to seller that you find during checkout. 

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