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Blue Whale Ocean Animals Realistic Toy Display Gifts Children Boys Girls Nature Wonders Model Animal Figurines Science Biology Ecology Eco Toys

$ 29.99

Wonder of Oceans Blue Whale the Realistic Details Are Beautiful Making This a Top Toy for your Future Scientist or Explorer. Teaching children conservation can't begin to early our Planet is depending on it.

Blue Whale beautifully hand painted in lifelike detail. He is a toy, but is pretty enough to be placed on display adding a great focal point to a Bedroom, Play Room, Nursery and similar.

All kids love to play with animals, both real and replicas. What a great way to get kids excited about Science and this can begin as soon as a child can understand what a Whale or any Animal is. Especially now while we need to find play time without screen time. Explore Ecology, Conservation, Biology, Oceanology and so much more. Interestingly most of these professions say they were inspired "since childhood". 

We have decided to offer more toys like this beautiful Blue Whale.

Play age 3 & Up.

Size 27cmx10x5 

First Addition Sea Life Oceans Model

Materials PVC

$5.00 Shipping Fee to USA. 

Please allow 14 to 20 days for delivery. USA only.


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