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Blue Fire Opal & Inlaid Austrian CZ's Women's Fine Jewelry .925 Silver Overlay Free-Form Opal Ring Women Special Days Rings Wife Love Valentine's Day Gifts for Mom Anniversary Birthday Gift Ideas Ladies

$ 47.99 $ 99.99

Brightness and Fire in hues of Blue, Lavender, and Aqua in a free form shape stone flanked vertically by impeccable Austrian CZ roundels while more flow horizontally down the band. This beautiful design draws the eye across the entire piece.

Fine-Jewelry Women's Ring in sizes 6, 7, 8, 9.  Stocked in and ships from the USA. 

Brilliant Synthetic Fire Opal in a 925 Silver Overlay Setting.

Includes Jewelry Bag or Box. A free gift is also included with this purchase.

We charge for shipping only once at, future orders ship free of charge. 

What is Fire-Opal?

Fire Opal is a synthesized creation with very similar characteristics of it's naturally occurring namesake. It is difficult to tell the difference by the naked untrained eye. Under magnification a trained eye should be able to detect a natural occurring stone from the synthetic stone, we recommend that you have all stones labeled natural to be authenticated.  The price difference is typically significant, the look is very similar.

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