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Personalized Gift Goat Lover Women's Children's Jewelry Necklace Baby Goats Yoga Love 4H Show Animal Farmer Women's Kid's Custom Jewelry Accessories Gift's Christmas Stocking Stuffers Birthday Boys Girls

$ 22.99

Props to the latest fitness craze, and it's Goat Yoga! Goat Yoga was explained by a contestant on Ellen's Game of Games and now a craze. Super cute Baby Goats are enhancing Yoga Class.  

This adorable necklace can be Personalized / Monogrammed with YOUR name or message even the animal.

If you have an animal you'd like a necklace for please email me. 

It comes in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. 16" Silver necklace included.

Four-H kids are showng lots of love to their Goat's, as well as Breeder's, Yoga Instructor's, Farmer's and all #Goatlovers.

Chi is the life force that flows thru all living things.  While this trend is a little controversial among elite fitness Guru's, I say what the heck, it's fun, cute and good for you.  That sounds a lot like Goat's ae enhancing your Chi if you ask me.

Please leave the words, name or other short sentiment you'd like to add to one our necklace's add that in the box labeled notes to seller you will find this during check out, if you happen to miss this, an email will work too.

Ships from the USA.

Allow about 2-3 weeks for customization and delivery.

$5.00 Shipping. Gift box included. 

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