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Gift from Dog Always Kiss Your Dog Goodnight Necklace Pendant & Paw Charm Women's Jewelry Gifts Gift Ideas 4 Dogs Mommy

$ 19.99

Valentine from Dog to Dog Mom.  Ready to ship! 2 day.

Our pets have always been the world to us, it's always been that way, now it is socially conscious to proudly own it. Thank goodness it's about time!

Always kiss your dog goodnight says what we really feel, we know who will be there in the morning and that is our 4 legged friends.  I really love this piece and I hope to be adding more Pet and Rescue support jewelry and clothing through the new year.

With this you receive the necklace, pendant, and paw charm. (and maybe a free gift too). 

Gift box or bag included.     

Sells from and ships from the USA.            

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