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Nordic Baby Boy Cubby Bear Sleep Sack Gown Infant Sleeper One size NB - 6mo. Baby Shower Gift Gifts for Boy

$ 18.50

This whimsical sleep sack is made out of 100% organic cotton. The fabric is soft to the touch and the retractable little mitts help your baby avoid scratching his or her precious face. It's cleverly designed to knot and unknot quickly (ties at the fins, of course) during a diaper change and will keep your Baby safe and warm, day and night.

Cleverly ties at the bottom, and creates the fins!  It so sooo darn cute.

Euro import.  In stock now, in very limited quantities.  Sold Out almost everywhere, but not here.

This comes in one size and totally depending on the size of your baby fits newborn up to about 6 month.

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