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1st Halloween Outfit There's Candy In Them Bones Visible Inside Skeleton Belly Baby Boy Toddler 12 -18 mo Clothing Costumes Accessories

$ 12.50

This cute skeleton has been in the Candy Corn and the evidence is right there in the belly (do skeletons have bellies??)  When it comes to Halloween anything goes.  

What fun it will be to tote your toddler around in this black 3 pc. set.  You'll want to take a photo at every opportunity. Set also has a bow tie. They grow so fast...... no bones about that!

Product located in the USA and will ship same or next day if stock available.

Glows in the dark.

Quality Boutique Set.  12 - 18 mo. is in stock. Cotton Fabric.

Thanks for looking, I have some other great costumes for the wee ones listed, at very affordable prices.

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